Telegram - is primarily a system of instant messaging, like whatsapp or viber.

In addition to the messaging and file transfer, there are many other possibilities, which will go to the description of a lot of time.

We only use two of them: a public groups and bots.

Public group

There is an public english-language and russian-language groups for all site visitors.

Join them is very simple - just click the link and follow the instructions:


To make you WheelsAge surfing more convenient we just created a "bot" for telegram app. We hope it could be useful and easy to use.

The bot name: @autowp_bot.

In short, bot is a kind of telegram user, which can send you notifications from site as a messages.

Learn more about telegram bots:

Currently supported features: * Notifications about newly personal messages. Details ... * Notifications about newly accepted pictures. Details ... * Notifications about newly uploaded (but still waiting for accept) pictures (this feature works only authorized users). Details ...

Bot commands

Start: /start

By sending this command you will receive list of currently supported commands.

Personal messages: /messages

Send /messages on for subscribe to notifications about new personal messages.

Send /messages off to unsubscribe.

New pictures: /new

Send /new BMW for subscribe to new photos of BMW.

Send /new BMW again to unsubscribe.

Inbox: /inbox

Authorization by /me is requried.

Send /inbox BMW for subscribe to notifications about new uploads to BMW.

Send /inbox BMW again to unsubscribe.

Me (authorization): /me

This command allows you to associate themselves (telegram user) with an account on our site.

Send /me to receive instructions for autorization.

Send /me 123456789 to recevice confirmation code.

Where 123456789 - is your account number, which you can find on your profile page. For example, Juliano Scotini has number 17322

Confirmation code will be sent to you via the private messaging system

Send /me 123456789 ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ to finish process of association your telegram account with out website user.

Where ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ - code that will be sent to you via the private messaging system

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