Opel Crossland X Turbo '2017–至今 Vauxhall Crossland X Turbo '2017–至今
2017– 2017–
转向装置 左侧 右侧
车门数 5
设计 轴承
长度 4,212 mm
宽度 1,765 mm 1,742 mm
宽度,含外后视镜 1,976 mm
高度 1,605 mm 1,597 mm
wheel base 2,604 mm
前部 1,513 mm
后部 1,491 mm
标准 160 mm
整备质量 1,245 kg 1,274 kg
满载质量 1,770 kg 1,790 kg
名称 PureTech 1.2L Turbo LES (Peugeot-Citroën EB2DT/B12XHL) PureTech 1.2L Turbo LEG (Peugeot-Citroën EB2DTS/B12XHT)
type Piston
位置 前部, transversely
supply system injector
block material aluminium alloy
cylinders/valves l3/4
volume 1,199 cc
power 110 hp 130 hp
in the range from 5,500 rpm
in the range to 5,500 rpm
torque 205 Nm 230 Nm
in the range from 1,500 rpm 1,750 rpm
in the range to 1,500 rpm 1,750 rpm
compression ratio 10.5
燃料 汽油
turbo yes
cooling liquid
Gas distribution mechanism DOHC with variable valve timing
drive unit front-wheel drive
gearbox Manual 5 (PSA MA) Manual 6 (PSA MCM)
suspension and steering
front suspension
elastic element type coil spring
type guide vanes independent
shock absorbers
availability да
rear suspension
elastic element type coil spring
type guide vanes semidependent torsion-lever
shock absorbers
availability да
steering type Реечного типа с электроусилителем
dynamic properties
max speed 188 km/h 206 km/h
acceleration to 100 km/h 10.6 s
acceleration to 60 mph 9.1 s
other specs
fuel tank capacity 45 l
boot volume 410–1,255 l
fuel consumption
EU 93/116/EC
郊区 5.6 l/100km 5.9 l/100km
extra urban 4.2 l/100km 4.7 l/100km
综合 4.8 l/100km 5.1 l/100km
"start-stop" system нет да
capacity 525 kg 516 kg
towing weight 840 kg
wall-to-wall 11.2 m
curb-to-curb 10.7 m
brake system
ABS да
front brakes
type disc
material metal
ventilated да
rear brakes
type disc
material metal
ventilated нет
emissions 109 CO2 g/km 116 CO2 g/km
emission standard 欧VI
wheels and tyres
rims model Technical Grey
rims material aluminium alloy (molding)
front 7J × 17
215/50 R17
rear 7J × 17
215/50 R17
生产地 Сарагоса (Испания)

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