Vauxhall GL-Type 25 HP Limousine '1940
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The G 25hp was the first Vauxhall to use the TT Dubonnet front suspension first shown in the US in 1933 and developed by GM suspension engineer Maurice Olley. The 25hp was publically launched in October 1936 at the London Motor Show for the 1937 model year and was available in two different wheelbases, GY 9ft 3ins & GL 10ft 10ins. Power came from the well proven 3215cc 6 cylinder engine used in the previous model, and was also extensively used in the Bedford commercial range. The short wheelbase version could achieve nearly 80mph so it was lucky that Vauxhall made their return to using hydraulic brakes which used a split system making it quite advanced for its day. The early versions used a 4 speed gearbox and from 1938 onwards a 3 speed, both boxes came with synchromesh on the top 2 ratios.
The 80mph GY with factory saloon bodywork came fully equipped with fog lamp, reversing light, leather trim, sun roof & a heater all for £315.00. The TT front suspension together with leaf rear springs were set up for a good ride as opposed high speed cornering.
The styling of the GY factory saloon followed the general design trends of the mid to late 1930s with a waterfall radiator grille, easy clean wheels and a small protruding boot compartment. In addition, a number of coach built bodies were available from Martin Walter & Grosvenor, some of these were very attractive whilst others were less so. The car was produced until very early in 1940 with a total production of 6,822.

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